Body Worn Cameras are wearable cameras with audio, video, or photographic recording system.

These cameras have a wide range of usage including policing and law enforcement systems.

Body Worn Camera HWBWC Series

Technical Specifications
   Snapshot   21MP, 12MP, 10MP.8MP, 5MP, 3MP, 2MP, VGA
   Camera Sensor   CMOS Sensor
   Weatherproof Standard   IP65 and better
   Operating Temperature   -30 to +60 degree Celsius
   Storage Capacity   32GB  Removable storage and above
   Image Format   JPEG
   Video Output   H264
   Recording resolution   1920x1080 pixel and better
   Battery capacity   3000MAh and better
   Recording speed   Min 30 FPS
   Min. distance for IR illumination   10 metres and better
   Security Features   user not permitted to delete / edit data
   Storage Type   Micro SD Card
   Charging Time   3 Hours
  Please note that the above specifications are generic in nature and may change as per the product model. Kindly get in touch with us for further details. 


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