Aura 7 is our latest model of Exhaust Gas Analyzer that is designed using NDIR technology. It comes in portable, compact and lightweight design that requires less set up space and is easy to use.

Machine is completely operated via inbuilt software that is compatible with any android phone, laptop, tablet, computer and hand-held devices.

Exhaust Gas Analyser - Aura 7

Technical Specifications
  Oxygen (O2)   0.5 to 21.7% vol.
  Carbon Monoxide (CO)   0.03 to 10.50% vol.
  Carbon Dioxide (CO2)   0.4% to 21% vol.
  Hydro Carbon (HC)   10 to 20000 PPM
  Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Optional   -30 to 5000 PPM
  RPM   400 to 9999 RPM
  Oil Temperature   20 to 150°C
  Lambda   0 to 9.999
  Warm-up Time   7 minutes
  Interface   Computerised
  Operating Temperature   5 to 50°C

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