Breath Analyser – HWBA Series are products designed for estimating blood alcohol content from a breath sample.

These products are widely used by corporates, law enforcement agents, private companies or any other organisations that wish to enforce systems, laws and policies to keep a check on any violations and offences.

Breath Analyser HWBA Series

Technical Specifications
   Cell Type   Fuel Cell (Alcohol specific)
   Measurement Range   0 to 400 mg/100 ml
   Record memory   minimum 20000 ,expandable up to 100000
   Battery   Li-ion
   Operational Temperature   -5 to 50 degree centigrade
   Print Resolution   200 dpi
   Sampling Modes   both active and passive
   Low Battery indication   Yes
   Data Interface   USB, Bluetooth
   Printer   Yes
   Paper for offence printouts   Yes
Please Note that the above specifications are generic in nature and may change as per the product model. Kindly get in touch with us for further details. 

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